Course Description


Offline, you're a musician. Online, you need to be something more. You're a MUSICpreneur.

Learn how to turn your music experience into a passive income stream by teaching online and/or creating your own online music courses.

In the digital world we live, it has become more and more the norm to learn online. In this class, teaching music online and creating an online course will be demystified, and you will learn the processes of both in great depth and detail.


  1. Why creating your own online signature music course is a huge opportunity for creating passive income at this point in time.
  2. The exercise you need to do in order to pick the right topic for your course based on your expertise and experience.
  3. The course content types so you know what you're creating.
  4. How to create, gather, and organize your course content.
  5. What features you need a platform to have to host your course.
  6. How to create the outline for your course content, or choose your teaching method.
  7. How to flesh out your course, and determine how many videos do you need to make, how many handouts will you have, and if you want to give feedback on homework, etc.
  8. What to do to make your course more attractive to online students.
  9. How to brand yourself and your course(s) to look as professional as possible.
  10. Get an overview of how to market you and your courses online.
  11. How to set up your course to function automatically.
  12. How to get students for your course on a constant basis.

You will also be presented with case studies of musicians who have successfully launched their own online music courses, or who are teaching online profitably and successfully.

ProMusicDB Digital Musician Academy

As a vehicle to further empower the professional music community in the digital world, Christy Crowl established the ProMusicDB Digital Musician Academy earlier in 2016, as a compliment to ProMusicDB: The Professional Music Credits Database. The DMA is focused on teaching musicians how to create new passive income streams for themselves in the area of e-learning, by fostering and encouraging musicians towards the creation of their own online courses based on their individual musical experience and expertise.


The e-learning industry has grown by almost 40% each year over the past three years, and is predicted to reach well over $107 Billion Dollars in 2016. Online courses are becoming the norm in education and creating them are a natural fit for a musician or creative who is looking to teach to a larger market online and create passive income for themselves.


Christy Crowl

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Greeting and Overview of How To Create Your Own Online Course in Music

    • Course Introduction, Overview and User Feedback Form

  • 2

    The Online E-Learning Opportunity (Articles & Research)

    • Online Learning Industry Poised for $107 Billion In 2015 - Forbes

    • $1,151 On Udemy In My First 4 Months And Why You Need To Become An Instructor This Year - 3D My Business

    • 3 Macro Trends Driving Massive Growth for Digital Coaches in 2015

    • 7 Key eLearning Trends For 2016 - eLearning Industry

    • At Content Is Queen, But The Contributor Model Could Be In Jeopardy - Forbes

    • eLearning-industry-in-2016-whitpaper1

    • elearning-market-trends-and-forecast-2014-2016-docebo-report

    • How much does an Online Course Creator earn? Up to $450k on Udemy

    • Life Coaches in the US Market Research | IBISWorld

    • The Udemy Experiment – Can I Make Money? – Multiply Authority

  • 3

    Pre-Production: Setting Yourself Up for Business Success

    • Pre-Production 5 Step Business Fast-Track Fundamentals

    • Pre-Production FAQ

    • Pre-Production Legal & Business Registrations & Resources (for CA)

    • Pre-Production Legal Application Samples

    • Pre-Production Resources for Domain Name Registrations, Website Hosting and Website Builders, and Email Services

    • Pre-Production Resources for P.O. Box, Paypal, & Shopping Cart Info

  • 4

    Production: Offline

    • [CLASS ACTIVITY] The 3 "Why" Exercise

    • [CLASS ACTIVITY] Find Your Resonance Exercise

  • 5

    Learning the Online Course Content Types

    • [RESOURCE] Teach Music Online Starter Guide - Matt Warnock

  • 6

    Production: Offline - How To Generate, Gather, and Organize Your Course Content

    • [ACTIVITY] Create Your Course Avatar

    • [ACTIVITY] Journal as Your Avatar

    • [ACTIVITY] The 3 "Why?" Exercise As Your Avatar

    • [ACTIVITY] Take Your Avatar From "Help Me" to "Dig Me"

    • [ACTIVITY] Brain Dump and Refine

    • [ACTIVITY] Identify Your Course Modules in Detail

  • 7

    Production Offline: Determine What Features You Need In A Course Platform

    • [ACTIVITY] Create Your Course Curriculum Outline

    • Compare Online Teaching and Course Platforms

    • 15 Platforms to Publish and Sell Online Courses

    • Top 5 Best Platforms To Publish and Sell Your Online Courses, Reviewed and Compared - Ecommerce Platforms

    • Teach Online - Monetize & Share Your Expertise | Udemy

    • What is the Udemy Fee Structure? – Marketing Programming and everything in between

    • Give Online Music Lessons – A Way to Supplement Your Income #1 | Brandshank

    • Give Online Music Lessons – A Way to Supplement Your Income #2 | Brandshank

  • 8

    Production: Online - Before You Teach or Take Your Course Online

    • [ACTIVITY} Due Diligence

    • [ACTIVITY] Branding Your Content Online

    • [ACTIVITY] What Technology and Equipment Do You Need?

  • 9

    Production: Online - Constructing Your Course

    • [ACTIVITY] Your Lesson Plan Template

    • [ACTIVITY] Uploading Your Course

  • 10

    POST-PRODUCTION - Marketing (***FREE Course has limited content)

    • [ACTIVITY] Marketing Strategies

    • [ACTIVITY] Where Are Your Students?

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